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👽Xiami Unboxing: Mi band 5 (and comparison with Mi 4) | 2021

👽Xiami Unboxing: Mi band 5 (and comparison with Mi 4) | 2021

Eleftheria Batsou
·Dec 15, 2020·

2 min read

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⬇️I'm making a quick unboxing of Xiami Mi Band 5 and I compare with the previous model the Xiami Mi 4. Both of the bands have a really good battery but they also come with some cons... Watch the video and learn more

💪More info: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Sports Fitness Watch, 1.1"

Featuring a large 1.1" dynamic color display, approximately a 20% increase in screen size compared to the previous model, makes incoming calls, messages and alerts easier to see and ushers in a new era of dynamic dials.

  • Display Type AMOLED
  • Screen Resolution 126x29 pixels
  • Battery Capacity 125 mAh
  • Average Battery Life 14 days
  • Sensors
    -PPG (Heart Rate)
    -Three-axis gyro
  • Bluetooth Yes
  • Water Resistant 5ATM
  • Compatible Devices/Operating Systems
    -Android 5.0 Lollipop
    -iOS 10.3

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