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[Vlog] A Developer's Day at Home [🔇No Talking] #ASMR

[Vlog] A Developer's Day at Home [🔇No Talking] #ASMR

Eleftheria Batsou
·Jan 22, 2021·

2 min read

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⬇️In this video: 🍸Many people have the misconception that being a developer (or a freelancer) means being at the beach with a laptop and a cocktail...

🙅Well...things are not always what you see in movies or on social media. Being a developer means you spent about 8h in front of your monitor. Maybe you are coding, maybe you're researching, maybe you have meetings...

🤦‍♀️Maybe you're lucky and you work less than 8h, or less than 5days. Good for you. But most people are not like that.

🙆Of course, don't get me wrong, I love my job. I wouldn't change it. I'm doing this video just to show "it's not as fancy as you may think"

Have a beautiful and productive week.

Thank you for taking the time to watch my video.

👋Hello, I'm Eleftheria, a front-end developer, master student, freelancer, public speaker, and chocolate lover.

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