The hardest parts of your coding journey will be...

Coding is not easy... Here is what people have to say about it

The hardest parts of your coding journey will be...
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Coding is not easy, you constantly have to learn new things and collaborate with people who you might never meet in real life...

I asked my fellow developers on Twitter what was the hardest thing for them in their careers.

About coding:

  • Staying consistent on learning
  • Learning Javascript
  • Learning CSS
  • Learning Data structures
  • Understanding and implementing OOP concepts
  • Debugging
  • Fixing warnings
  • Writing tests
  • Writing documentation
  • Reading Documentation
  • Working on an unfamiliar codebase
  • Recursion
  • Ugly UI
  • Getting out of tutorial hell.

About the #DevLife

  • Dealing with customers unrealistic needs
  • Company politics
  • Knowing when you are ready to apply for a job
  • Keepin' on even when I'm unsure of where it'll take me
  • Not trusting my abilities / Self-confidence
  • Dealing with the imposter syndrome
  • Struggling with uncertainty

With this post I want to show you that you are not alone, we all struggle, we all have these moments that we don't know what to do... but eventually, after a break, a coffee and chatting with friends we always find a solution :)

What would you add, what is the hardest thing for you?

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