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My wins - 2020 (A year in review)

Eleftheria Batsou
·Dec 31, 2020·

7 min read

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This article includes my proudest moments (or not🤦‍♀️) of 2020. I've always been an advocate of celebrating your small wins.

This 2020 review is not to brag, but it's to celebrate the small achievements and hopefully inspire some of you to work on your dreams. Due to covid-19, it was a hard year, with many restrictions, but that didn't stop us from hustling.

If you're bored reading, then please watch the video, else keep reading.



  • I went to San Francisco Vlog!
  • I was a speaker at covalenceConf
  • I started using the dev.to platform as a writer (currently I have more than 1000 followers)
  • I reached 7000 followers on Twitter



  • I went to Athens-Greece to see my friends
  • I joined a discord server with tech-YouTubers
  • I kept working hard for my master's and my grades improved


  • My plans were to go to Italy to talk at CodeMotion conference. That failed due to the Covid-19
  • I worked for 2 weeks from home due to the virus
  • I started a new youtube series where I reviewed other people’s project (and I actually kept doing that until December 2020)
  • I got featured in CareerCarma’s article for the best upcoming youtube channels of 2020
  • I gave a (remote) talk at HackWeek Poland



  • My plans were to go to Athens for a weekend. That failed due to the Covid19
  • I worked for 1 month from home due to the virus
  • I started another small youtube series, live coding with JS, I did that for about 2 months and I plan going back on it for 2021
  • I reached 2500 subscribers on YouTube and 8100 on Twitter





  • I gave a (remote) talk at JNation in Portugal
  • I gave a (remote) talk at WarsawJs in Poland
  • I gave a (remote) talk at JSNation in the Netherlands
  • I had the final exams for my master's degree (I have to complete my thesis though)
  • Broke my leg, oops🤦‍♀️



  • I got interviewed for 1MWIS in tech
  • I spend a weekend with my friends at the beach (due to Covid-19 there were many restrictions and we couldn't do much, but it was still very nice)



  • Started to work from home again
  • Started some freelancing job (about video editing)
  • I gave a (remote) talk at FemTechConf
  • I got featured in Protypr.3 where I gave an interview!



  • I took some days off from work
  • I gave a (remote) talk at DF20



  • Started working on the thesis for my masters
  • Due to covid-19 we were in lockdown again….
  • I started writing at Hashnode
  • Quit my full-time developer’s job Vlog!
  • Relocated to a new city all by myself
  • I got a new job at a high school, teaching Computer Science and Informatics



  • Moved back for a couple of months to my parents’ place (due to the pandemic)
  • I started another YouTube live series called "StudyWithMe"
  • Reach 6.5K followers on Instagram, 11.7 followers on Twitter, and 5K subscribers on Youtube



2021 is here!

365 more opportunities to shine.

Work smart and work hard. Connect with people, find or create your own opportunities, work on the things you love, it's never too late. Start doing now.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and watch the video.

👋Hello, I'm Eleftheria, a front-end developer, master student, freelancer, public speaker, and chocolate lover.

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