🔴 E6 | QnA LIVE | Best Coding Languages, React VS VueJS, Online Branding | 2020

🔴 E6 | QnA LIVE | Best Coding Languages, React VS VueJS, Online Branding | 2020

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In this series, I am going to be answering your coding/designing questions. I don't claim I have a lot of experience or that I know everything, I am just going to give you examples that have worked for me and I hope they will work for you as well.


  1. is it possible for anyone to complete 100 day or 300 day freecodecamp challenge? since new freecodecamp has too many new advanced topics. is 1 hr enough per day?

  2. ​how to build social media audience?

  3. How to prepare for Amazon bit organization??

  4. ​I am feeling discouraged when I am not able to solve intermediate challenges from freecodecamp. should I go back to basic challenges again? did you also faced this?

  5. The best way (in your opinion) to start freelancing

  6. How to prepare for FANG company and how to start Data structure and algorithms.

  7. It is better to ask and look fool once rather than never ask and be a stupid for life!

  8. What is the best setup(equipment) for coding? What is your desk setup?

  9. How to become good in making pixel perfect layout?

  10. How do you deal with imposter syndrome

  11. How many hours do you usually stay in front of the computer? do you do exercise?

  12. Hey Eleftheria... just started 100days of code.. how to keep motivated?

  13. Have you used Figma tool? if yes then how was your experience? will you recommend it?

  14. ​Greetings from Greece! Regarding the previous question for freeCodeCamp and 100daysofcode, those two can be combined. freeCodeCamp has the chapters separated in parts so you can have 1 part per day

  15. Thanks for the reply! do you know any slack/discord groups to find coding buddies to do 100daycoding challenge?

  16. What do you use for testing javascript code? Testing with Javascript solutions is not something you find a lot on Youtube

  17. What's your advice to handle stress in our Developer's life???

  18. How to code fast? it takes alot time in thinking

  19. What about ai and machine learning?

  20. Can you please make video in the future on tech youtube channel you personally like and follow, I also request it next Sunday live stream.

  21. technical youtube channel which you follow, their names and links

  22. Name any interesting books that you would like to suggest others regarding development (cracking the coding interview, eloquent javascript, design: the design of everyday things)


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