🤖E3 | Favorite language, practice API, Bootstrap & CSS

🤖E3 | Favorite language, practice API, Bootstrap & CSS

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In this series, I am going to be answering your coding/designing questions. I don’t claim I have a lot of experience or that I know everything, I am just going to give you examples that have worked for me and I hope they will work for you as well.

In this video, I answer: 👣GENERAL QUESTIONS 0. Let's start 0:00

  1. Which programming languages do you know? 1:12

  2. What languages do you code in? 2:08

  3. What is your favorite language? 2:18

  4. Are you a motivational speaker? 2:47

  5. How do you stay motivated through the day? 3:35

  6. How do you get ideas before building an app? 4:36

  7. How do you start UX/UI, I'm a back end developer 5:29

👣API & BOOTSTRAP QUESTIONS 8. How to use API? How to practice? 6:34 9. Could we combine Bootstrap with custom CSS? 7:25 10. Should we use bootstrap CDN? 8:01 11. What is the best way to use Bootstrap? 8:30

👣COMING UP QUESTIONS 12. Feel free to ask me anything about code/design, motivation/inspiration or internships/jobs 8:57


Thank you for taking the time to watch my video.

👋Hello, I'm Eleftheria, a front-end developer, freelancer, and public speaker.

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