600 People Have Answered: Coding is hard but ____________ is harder.

600 People Have Answered: Coding is hard but ____________ is harder.

Fill in the blank.

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A few days ago I asked on Twitter what is harder than coding. My answer would be poverty, raising children (although I'm not a parent), communication, etc.

Let's see how other people felt.

Life - coding is hard but...


  • Poverty / Being broke is harder.
  • Raising kids/ Raising teenagers / The parenthood.
  • Giving birth is harder.
  • Adulting.
  • Human interaction.
  • Dealing with idiots online / Dealing with people / Dealing with clients.
  • Trusting people.
  • Building an actual product is harder.
  • The amount of things you need to learn to become good enough to get a job.
  • Finding a job is / Landing a job (<- I got many answers like this).
  • Giving up.
  • Bricklaying is one of those jobs that looks so easy but is actually very difficult.
  • Life is harder.

Work- coding is hard but...


  • Problem-solving is harder
  • Coding is hard but scrum daily is harder.
  • Deployment / Documenting / Designing / Testing (<- I got many answers for these).
  • Algorithms/maths.
  • Explaining something that sounds super obvious and simple to you as an experienced dev, to a newbie who's just starting out in the field.
  • Reading others’ codes.
  • Finding error when code compiles successfully.
  • Thinking about how my portfolio design will be is harder.
  • Getting really damn good in it is harder / Quality coding is harder.
  • Clean Coding.
  • Resolving merge conflicts.
  • Refactoring (<- I got many answers like this).
  • Not coding (<- I got many answers like this).
  • Debugging / Debugging other's code (<- I got many answers like this).

Fun - coding is hard but...


  • Finding a girl who is good at programming, sarcasm and watches anime!!
  • Finding a partner / Dating.
  • Convincing people that you cannot hack into their ex's account- is harder (<- ok, that made me laugh!).
  • Watching your crush's boyfriend code.
  • Coding is hard but filling the blank is harder...
  • Trying to talk to literally anyone in my fam about coding.
  • Maintaining social life while coding as a profession is harder ( <- well, I'm not sure if this is actually fun or not!)
  • Naming methods / variables.
  • Not getting coding-related jokes is harder.
  • Learning Russian.
  • Trying to sleep without solving the problem.
  • Painting every room in your house.
  • Watching Sebastian Vettel on a podium in 2021.

I'm afraid I couldn't include all the answers as more than 600 people answered me (thank you), but I tried to include the most common answers. Feel free to check the rest of them on Twitter. Thank you everyone for participating :).

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